Rumble Not Working Correctly on Dolphin Core on Xbox Build

So I think something’s wrong with how the rumble intensity value is being set/calculated when applied to the Dolphin core for the Xbox build. I’m using a Series S, and have the vibration set to 100% in the Retroarch settings. It works just as expected in mupen64 for N64 rumble, so I know the rumble on the Xbox build is working in the abstract. However, on the Dolphin core the vibration intensity only feels like maybe <5% at most? You can only just barely notice the motors moving at all, and it’s barely perceptible. Hence why I think something isn’t being calculated correctly with regards to how the Retroarch vibration percent connects to the rumble from the Dolphin core.

Edit: This is on the 1.9.10 build. I’ve not used older builds before, so I don’t know if this is a new issue, or existing one.