Run ahead on N64 and PS1 possible?

Just wondering if it is possible to use the feature on the 32 and 64 bit systems. I can tell a big difference on N64 (Parallel) and the delay is down from 5 to 6 frames to 1 frame. However it is slow. From 60 synced frames down to about 27. I have a i7 8700k cpu, but is it because the feature is not compatible with those consoles or is it just too demanding?

If it is impossible to run, would I reduce the input lag alot by going to a crt pc monitor instead of lcd? I also do like scanlines alot!

runahead doesn’t work with hardware-rendered cores because there’s too much overhead in saving/loading the GL stuff on every frame. Aside from that, the states themselves need to be serialized and deterministic. I’m not sure if any of the N64 or PS1 cores fulfill these requirements.

Switching to a CRT will reduce it if you have a slow LCD monitor, but if you’re using a semi-modern gaming monitor, you probably won’t get much benefit.

Ok, thanx for your answer Hunter.

I use a lcd from around 2006 or 2007. I get 5 - 6 frames latency in Super Mario 64. I dont know if that is normal? If I run with run ahead at 5 frames it feels way, way better. However it plays too slow :frowning:

Is it any faster if you use fewer runahead frames?

I think ~3 frames of latency is normal, as the game only ran at 30 FPS to begin with, and 2+ frames of latency is pretty normal in 16-bit games (see: Super Mario World).

Nope. As soon as I have run ahead on it is slow. But obviously it is possible to get 1 frame delay only, I guess, only it becomes to slow. Well maybe it will work in the future? :slight_smile: Not really a big deal, it would just be ideal to play it like that.

I should also mention I play in native res without any special shaders. Just a crt shader. So its not demanding from the beggining.

Runahead works for me in beetle PSX HW, but I have to set the “Renderer” core option to “Software” first.

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I can try that. Parallel gfx is only hardware, correct?