Run RGUI from command line, through SSH (on Linux)?

I’ve tried every variation I can think of and can’t find any indication of a command for running RGUI from the command line on Linux (I’m using RetroPie). My arcade system is in our guest house and, while I’m trying to solve configuration issues, there are many times I’d like to run RGUI over ssh. It looks like RGUI might be curses based. Is it? Or is it fully graphical? My understanding is that it (and EmulationStation) don’t use X, but I did see some kind of reference somewhere (can’t find it again, so maybe I misread it).

Is that possible? Even just being able to run it from the command line (instead of through EmulationStation) would be helpful sometimes.

RGUI is a custom raster UI. You can use x-forwarding, but usually when you run RetroArch from a console, you’re using KMS/EGL rather than X.

There’s a libcaca video driver, but it’s not particularly usable. It’s just for very basic testing. It can be run over SSH, though, IIRC.

Running from a command line locally is very doable, though. Just take the command that EmulationStation is invoking and run it in a terminal.

For future reference, I was trying typing ‘r’ on the command line and hitting tab to see if I get anything like “retroarch” or “ra” or variations that were obvious. Tried it with a capital ‘R’ as well. I tried everything I could.

That wasn’t working because the directory for this is not in the normal $PATH in bash, at least not in a default RetroPie install. I’ll edit this post to include the path when I have access to that machine again.

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