Running PS2 Games in Retroarch 1.8.7

So I came across a youtube video mentioning that PS2 games don’t really run properly in Retroarch. I’m running 1.8.7 and tried DBZ 2: Boudokai and noticed it has a lag/stutter to it basically making it unplayable. I have the PS2 bios in my systems folder as well so I believe I’m good there.

Is this typically what to expect out PS2 games at the moment in Retroarch? I should add I’m running on a Mac at the moment, but all other cores whether its Atomiswave, NeoGeo, SNK, Saturn, Genesis, SNES etc. run fine.

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This github repo is used to track the Play! core’s compatibility:

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Thanks I left a message.

They just recommend playing it in the stand alone Play! .exe since its known to work there fine. Wonder if there is any effort on the way to make all PS2 games more compatible and playable in the Retroarch environment?