Running rom and ips files of game hacks in Retroarch

Now on the Internet you can find absolutely any game for any console of past generations. And, of course, there are people who modify these games, changing the graphics, gameplay, and so on. These mods are called Hacks. So my question is: “Will it be possible in the future to support ips and rom hacks directly in your multiemulator?” Of course, you can use a third-party program to separately create a ROM file with a modified game, but I just remembered that VBA-M could support ips files directly, so I think this can be implemented for other emulators (perhaps). So I want to hear the answer to my question from you.

RetroArch has supported softpatching IPS, UPS and BPS patches for over a decade:

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I have read this document, but still I have questions about this function. If I have several ips patches (in the form of ips files and archives), then how does RetroArch detect files?

It’s just that my hacks are located, for example, in the “Game Boy” folder and inside the folder with hacks. But I need to run a game with a specific hack. For example, I want to launch the “SML DX 2.0” hack, but instead it launches another hack.

Is there a way to choose the right file for modifying the game yourself?

yes, name the hack to match the game, or use one of the command-line switches to select a patch at launch. There is no in-menu popup for selecting patches.

Yeah, I see.

But still strange: "Why can’t I add a function to select patches?" After all, for example, in the same Nestopia there was a function for selecting ips patches. Select ips, and then ROM.

Auto-patching of games is good, but in order for the capture of the ips file to work, the game and the patch must be in the same place. This is not very convenient if someone has the entire ROM set, and renaming IPS files every time is still a challenge.

I think the RetroArch team should take note.

We’re aware of the limitations of the current behavior. If someone external would like to implement such functionality, we would gladly merge it, but no one on the team is currently interested in implementing such a thing internally.

Aww… Okay. It’s better this way than nothing.

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