Running Windows Games as Shortcut via RetroArch

Title says it all, but for clarification…

I’d like to have all my games show up in RA’s menu. Is it possible to run windows games from the RetroArch menu?

I would prefer they run within the RetroArch window, just as the emulations do, but maybe this is expecting too much?

I can run Broken Sword 2.5 from within the menu and it is even kept within the window as I specified ScummVM as the core. But this does not work for Moment of Silence or Black Mirror 1or2.


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No, RetroArch is not a launcher, so it can’t fire off external programs. It is a frontend for libretro cores, so when you load a core, it becomes the game/emulator/whatever. That is, it’s not a separate emulator running in a RetroArch window, but this this means it can’t run things that aren’t ported to the libretro API.

Ok thanks for confirming. Shame it can’t do both though!