Same core - New name

Hi Guys.

I am looking to take a copy of the core and create one called genesis_plus_gx_gamegear_libretro_android and or genesis_plus_gx_megadrive_libretro_android

I want to have different settings , per core bezels etc. Is it as simple as copying the core , rename and then install the core in RA? Or does something else need to happen?

Thanks in advance

No, they need to be recompiled with the new name changed internally. Your best bet for this is to just use a different core, such as picodrive, to run some of the games. It should be able to handle Game Gear pretty well, I think.

Ah that’s a bummer then. Starting to get fed up seeing my Mega Drive Bezells show up on Game Gear games and wanting to have different video size depending on what I am playing.

This may help you do this without compiling the core yourself.