Sameboy Screen Tearing

I’m using the latest Sameboy core and I’m experiencing some tearing in the upper top of the screen

I’m using a G-Sync monitor with “Sync to Exact Content Framerate”, vsync and 144hz enabled and it still has this tearing present

I use the same type of setup and don’t see any up there, at least when walking back and forth on the first screen of Trip World. Could it be something that happens on real hardware with that game? I know Super Mario Land has some glitchy looking junk that sometimes appears at the top of the screen, but I saw footage of it being played on a GB Player that had the same thing.

Found the name of the game from your screenshot’s filename, “Sumo Fighter”. I see what you’re talking about; the area at the top where the clouds are jitters in a way that looks like tearing. I could totally see that as a problem with the game itself, but would need a way to test it on real hardware to really know. I guess if it doesn’t happen on other GB emulators you could open an issue about it on the Sameboy Github repo, but he’d probably rather have confirmation on how it looks on real hardware.