Samsung S20 plus stuttering, even on menu

I’m facing micro stutters (or I don’t know how to call them). it happens when plugging my device to and usb c to hdmi adapter (I tried several) and mirroring the screen to the display.

I did a video on reddit so you can see,

My phone is an exynos 990 with Mali G-77

Also I tested another standalone emulator like nes.emu, which uses fceu as well, and works perfectly. I also noticed nes.emu uses “external display” option and goes fullscreen on my display, unlike retroarch.

I want to dedicate this phone for gaming, but I can’t.( I tested another phone, an s23, retroarch works perfectly.)

I’m not familiar with which options Samsung’s ROMs expose, but I would recommend looking to see if there’s any way to make the TV your primary monitor. Unfortunately, I don’t really know what else to try, as a lot of stuff in Android is sort of a black box :confused:

Probably GPU not v-syncing well on external screen. Maybe try changing to Vulkan/GLSL and see what happens. I connected a tablet with hdmi on LCD long time ago and wouldn’t v-sync for any reason, it would always run the refresh rate of the built in screen.

I tried vulkan and GL,also played with vsync on off, but it’s the same situation. My guess is either retroarch not working well on this specific device, or this device specific configuration cpu gpu, exynos Mali.

thanks, I didn’t found a way to specific make a tv, display monitor as main, as in Windows, unfortunately it’s Android

Try change the refresh rate manually to match your target monitor.

I tried, the target monitor is 60Hz and framerate shows that. Interesting with an S23 runs well,