Samurai Showdown 5 Perfect

Does Samurai Showdown 5 Perfect work in Retroarch? I am currently using the Neo Geo Final Burn core to no avail and am wondering if its supposed to run with a different core.

Samurai Showdown V Special works on Retroarch because it works on MAME. References to perfect point at current gen consoles which Retroarch makes no effort to support.

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Are you talking about the fbalpha2012 version that has only neogeo support ? It seems pretty legit a 2012 snapshot from an arcade emulator wouldn’t support a game that was dumped like 3 months ago.

I might be wrong but i think no libretro core besides FBNeo support that one.

Yes I realize that now. I thought since it was supposed to be released on the NeoGeo that it could work but I see otherwise now.

No, it was never released on neogeo, but some people managed to extract the neogeo rom from the pc release, so FBNeo supports it.


gotcha and good to know. Looks like I’ll have to do more investigating then…