Save State Slot suggestion

The new feature where you can change slots using left/right while you highlight either “Save State” or “Load State” is very useful. It saves you from doing the extra steps going to “State Slot” every time.

However, is there a reason for the “State Slot” menu item to still be there? Since you can change slots anyway, it seems redundant, one extra option cluttering the screen. The information of what slot you are using can easily be transferred in the save/load options. They could be renamed as “Save State Slot X” and “Load State Slot X”. This way you have all the information you need with 2 menu items instead of 3.

If you have a very large number of states, you can more quickly navigate them through the ‘state slot’ screen, right? using the various fast-scrolling methods?

Also the savestate submenu option helps with the clutter a bit.

And I guess the slot item could be optional now.

Huh, i didn’t realize you can have as many as 999 slots, lol. I guess i was still stuck on most emulators having about 10 slots.

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