Save System in Sattelaview buggy ? (RetroArch) (Snes9x) (Mesen-S)

Hi, I’m playing currently BS F-zero 2 and I have an issue: One of the core I used in the past (probably bsnses Accuracy) created a .srm and a .rtc file (don’t know what this last extension correspond) with a 0 ko weight…) But SNES9x or Mesen-S don’t create any of this file, and don’t save at all. So the question is : was this 2 files an error and F-Zero 2 don’t make a save at all, or do I have a bug somewhere with my save system on Sattelaview when I use “SNES9x” or Mesen-S ? I’m curios about this. And if there is a bug, I want to resolve it. By the way isn’t there a possibility to play Sattelaview games with bsnes Accuracy ? What core is the best to play with Sattelaview games ?