Saves/States not loading after changing PCs

Having an issue with saves/states not loading for Chrono Cross after changing PCs. I believe I had been using the .m3u with both discs’s .cues listed and just changing the disc index. Unfortunately after the PC swap, saves and states aren’t loading. states won’t load at all (well, they “load” but nothing happens, as if there is no state to load), and the only saves that will show up is if I load the .m3u and leave the disc index set to 1. This only shows my saves from disc 1 however, and I was at the end of disc 2. Disc 2 saves won’t show up (says no data on memory card). Also does this if I try to load the individual .cues. I thought this might be a naming issue, so I tried dropping “(Disc X)” or “(USA)” from the state/save names in various combinations but had no luck getting it to work.

Any help would be appreciated.