Savestate and savefile compression on older files

Hello all.

Regarding the new compressed format introduced in v1.8.6 for savestates, savefiles and playlists, is there a way to compress an existing library of savefiles and savestates without re-creating them?

I’m hoping there’s a tool that uses the same format. Nothing that I use recognizes the compression type. I also tried rzip without luck.


I don’t think so, as it’s using some compression stuff from libretro-common, which isn’t “homegrown” exactly, but may not translate exactly to anything standalone. Not sure.

I’ll ask jdgleaver, who added it, if there’s anything you can use to squish the old ones down.

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Any update about that? I’m trying to decompress a state file, but without success. Anybody know how to do that?

I checked out the magic number of the file and it seems to be #RZIP image

So I tried with lrzip -d Chrono\ Trigger\ SNES\ Ita.state1, but it’s not recognized as an lrzip file.

Does someone knows how to extract and then properly re-compress an RetroArch’s state file from GNU/Linux?

From what I understand, it’s not possible right now.

Hopefully a command line option for retroarch could be implemented to compress/decompress saves and states.

It would be quite useful for cloud storage or cloud backups, for example.

if anyone still looking for the rzip packer/unpacker it’s available in the source code here: Blog Post

the blog post also includes compiled windows binary for rzip packer unpacker.