Saving Shader config causes RetroArch to crash?

Just switched to RetroArch for my sega emulation (Genesis/32X/CD, etc) from Kega Fusion, mostly because the scanline options in Fusion are terrible, and i saw so many awesome shaders in retroarch for Genesis Plus

Got my controller setup, loaded some roms and fell in love with “Easymode-Halation” it looks so great, just like how I imagine the game looked like back on a CRT tv. Im choosing the shader form the GLSL shader group. I select it and shader is applied, but noticed once i close the content and reload the game, or pick a different game, the shader setting is gone. Shader is still turned “ON” but its not being applied

So then i saw the “Save” button in the Shader menu, and im choosing “Save Core Preset” as i want this shader applied universally across all roms on the genesis plus emulator, which is what Save Core Preset should do, correct?

as soon as i click Save Core Preset, retroarch just closes (crashes)? and when i re-launch, shader is not loaded so its not saving the setting

any idea what might be wrong? thanks!

Just tried other “saving” options like save global or per game and they all cause retroarch to close

The shader itself runs fine and looks great when I turn on, assuming GLSL is the correct category to choose? I’m using gl driver under video config

I would happily post any crash logs if I knew where they were, any pointers there?