Scaling/Color Issues in Mesen(NES)?

Just look at the left bottom of my screen. I wonder why is there such a diagonal color difference? I also noticed this in other NES games and it is more noticable when moving since the line basically will move on place. I guess it is somehwat of a scaling issue? However i didn’t notice this on my other NV System. So it seems to be an AMD thing. Though there it seems to happen on Linux and Windows. ANyone has a clue how to fix it?

Can you focus on what’s wrong, because I don’t see anything.

Sorry for the delay i’ve been on a vacation. Just compare the colos of the spot i marked to the rest of the picture (better use the original picture for that). You’ll see a color difference there. I know it doesn’t look like much to complain. Though the problem is when moving you’ll notice it and it will look way worse(depending on the game/level). It also seems like the pixles are “breaking” on that “line”. I tested some other emulator there it doesn’t seem to happen but i really would like to fix it on Mesen since i use that emulator for retroachievements

even if I put my nose in front of the screen I don’t see the problem check in the heart options

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Okay try this: compare 1 to 3 - do you see the difference in color? (it shouldn’t be like that) now compare the small black part in 2 compared to 1 and 3 do you see how the pixles break there? This draws some kind of diagonal line accross the screen which can be pretty annoying depending on the colors/games and during movement. I picked this screen because it also show that the pixles are somehwhat broken, that is why i think it is related to scaling. Doesn’t happen on FCEUmm Core bvlaaaah

I’ve seen some stray pixels like this sometimes, not sure why. They seem to go away if you use a shader, try sharp-bilinear-simple and see what happens.