Scaling lines on vertical Scrolling in FBA Neo

Hi guys. So I was bored and decided to try some vertical arcade games on my NTSC CRT TV last night.

So CRTswitchres works fine, but I get horizontal scaling lines over the entire picture when the vertical scrolling happens. If I rotate the game to the correct view as if I were to rotate the entire CRT, it’s fine. Sucks because RA gives me a clean picture with no pixel artifacts on vertically rotated games compared to groovymame, but unlike GM I get these lines. I am kind of experimenting right now to see if I am able to run the same games I do on my cab with an LCD on a CRT with no problems. If I can I may opt to buy one for my arcade…

I was told there’s no way to shoehorn vertical games onto a horizontal CRT without any sort of artifacts unless you adjust vertical size with either a pot or through the service menu. I would need a dedicated vertical CRT cab…yes that’s not happening.

So…anyway to get rid of these lines? Or unavoidable?

Yeah, what you heard is correct. Vertical games are vertical because they use more resolution on that axis than a 15 khz CRT can provide. If you try to cram it in anyway, you’ll end up dropping lines to make it fit.

Thought so.

I really really really hope within the next 5 years we are able to get a TV that will fully emulate a CRT to the point where we can chuck them.

LCD’s may not look 100% authentic but at least we are able to run everything under 1 roof with them.