Scanlines / Grid Presets question

Hello, i was wondering if its possible to use these overlays but not fill the sides? Talking about 4:3 Aspect Ratio. The reason i ask this is because since im playing games on my OLED when it fills the whole screen the sides no longer are Pure Black. Thanks in advance!

Sure, just open it in a photo editing program and delete the part you don’t want.

Wow didn’t know it was that simple, guess i need a new brain lol Thanks @hunterk


I don’t know what your power requirements are for playing on your OLED but I recommend you use something like the glass preset for HSM Mega Reflection shader in order to a)not have a static bezel that burns into the screen b)Fill in the black space with something that will ensure even wear out.

It it runs too slowly, try the Glass-Driving-BigBlur__STD preset in the variations folder.


Thanks but I actually stopped playing on my OLED because of the fear of burn in ( 4:3 stuff i mean ). I only play next gen consoles / games on that TV. I’m actually looking to buy a monitor exclusively for retroarch stuff but not sure what to buy. The current monitor i have is not that great and it has terrible latency at 60Hz for some reason. This monitor is meant for competitive anyway.

So that’s what that’s for… lol. I learned something today.


It all started here:


I thought of another solution to the uneven-wear problem when displaying 4:3 (or letterboxed) content.

Just display an image with white bars on the sides and black space in the middle. Maybe 30 minutes for every 2 hours of letterboxed content that is viewed (someone with more technical knowledge could probably work this out to be more exact).

TBH, I watch a ton of letterboxed content on my 8 year old plasma TV and uneven wear has never been noticeable, and I would notice.