Scanning Sega CD bin+cue

Is there something i am doing wrong with bin+cue CD files? How do I scan and create a playlist?

I have the same question for PS1 games in the same format.

Hmm. Maybe they aren’t conforming to the romset the database is based on (afaik, Retroarch uses TOSEC for disc-based consoles).

Nope, it is ReDump

Oh right, my bad. I for some reason confused Redump with NoIntro, lol. Still remember the time when GoodTools were the hottest thing :grinning:

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so I need to find bin/cue that are redump?

Short answer: yes, you have to find(dump) images that match the checksum for automatic scanning.

But you can use the manual scan option, so RetroArch is not checking against a database. I haven’t used it myself, so i can’t give you more information. But maybe it is working for you.

More info in the RA 1.8.2 release note:

using redumps and making a remote playlist and then importing it worked. now I just need to figure out how to play them

You also have to put a Sega CD BIOS (details are here: into your System folder. After that, you just press on the game in the playlist, choose the emulator (Genesis Plus GX, you only need to do it the first time) then Run.

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all of my Sega cd ROMS are in .zip format and some of them have 20 .bin files inside (track1 track 2 etc). can I play these from a .zip format? or do they need to be .bin/.cue?

I just went and relabeled all of the cover art to match the .zip format and now it RA wont associate .zip with sega plus emulator.

IIRC CD based systems doesn’t work with zipped files, but i think you can convert them to *.chd files with chdman from MAME