Screen Recording Resolution

I’m trying to make some new emumovies, screen recording is working fine. Problem is that the movies are the native resolution of the game (256p) and when imported into my video editor, they look like garbage.

The RA documentation is kind of vague about how to change this, like loading a custom recording config. I made one and tried changing the scale factor to like 4 (not sure if this is what I’m looking for to change) but the movies are still captured at the games native resolution.

How can I record at a higher resolution? I’m on windows btw.

enable the ‘Use GPU Recording’ option in settings > recording.


Surely the video editor should be able to scale the native resolution so that it does not look like garbage? As in pixel perfect nearest neighbor or some other finer method instead of bilinear blur…?

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That’s the thing, because it’s such a low resolution video, the editor I use (VideoPad) applies this smoothing/filtering algorithm when you import the video and it looks like garbage. There’s no way to shut this off, I tried saving in a much higher res, makes the smoothing more aggressive. The source material is just too low of a resolution. The only way to remedy is to feed the editor an originally recorded high resolution movie to capture a nice crispy picture.

Emumovies will not accept submissions with games that have filtering applied to them, it has to be raw crispy pixels.