Screen tearing Full Screen

Hello, I have a problem when using fullscreen for Retroarch. I have v-sync and adaptive sync on in the program, if I turn v-sync on in the Nvidia control panel, I won’t be able to use fast forward, so is this a pick and choose scenario, or is there something I can do to get both fullscreen without screen tearing and fast forward?

With RetroArch’s vulkan video driver, you should be able to fast forward regardless of Nvidia Vsync setting. d3d11 (I think 12 too) was fixed in RetroArch recently so it will fast forward if you leave the Nvidia setting on “Application Controlled”. On my machine there is a small delay before fast forward engages with that setting though.

When I use the vulkan driver, the framerate seems to be lower, and I can’t use my shaders with vulkan or d3d. Fast forward didn’t work with d3d, but did with vulkan.