Second controller not working on Android TV


I’m a relatively new RetroArch user. I have two 8Bitdo SN30 GB Controllers but I can only get my first one to work in RetroArch on my Sony Android-TV. Connection and controls with both controllers work fine on the AndroidTV-Interface. When I start RetroArch and press any button on the 1st controller it says “8bitdo SN30 GP configured in port #1” and it works fine. when I press any button on the 2nd controller it says “8bitdo SN30 GP configured in port #2” but there is no response to pressing any button on the 2nd controller. It’s also like this the other way around, so always the one configured in port #2 doesn’t respond. What seems to be the problem here?

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Does anybody have this issue too?

Have you tried going to settings > input > port 2 binds and check the device index to make sure they’re not both looking at the same pad? That’s a common problem with identical pads whereby both ports get assigned to the same device for some reason.

Thanks for the advice. How do I know if both are looking at the same pad when they are the same model and therefore have the same name “8Bitdo SN30 GP”, and how can I change that. Thanks in advance!

Got it! I didn’t realize i can change the device index by going left/right. Thanks for the help.

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np, glad you got it going :slight_smile: