Second player stick not working

this one has given me a tremendous headache.

i have three ultimarc u360 sticks, they are set up as sticks 1-3 and they are working in all other emus.

in retro, i can assign stick one to directions, no problem.

but stick two just won’t register when i push a direction to assign it. i KNOW the stick is working. if i have joy2key running, in retroarch, the second stick directions register as the keys that are assigned in j2k. but if i kill j2k, the stick is no longer seen by RA (stick one is still seen)

i’m going nuts on this one, please help!

I don’t think you can assign buttons from a single retropad to >1 devices without using something like joy2key to move them to the keyboard

but these are separate joysticks (not two sticks on one controller).

right. Your exact setup isn’t clear from your post. Are the 2 sticks going into a single encoder? what’s going on behind the scenes?

oh sorry. the u360 sticks are each stand alone arcade sticks, usb. each stick has 8 buttons which i do not use. i use an encoder for the button presses (mapped to key presses).

so, the stick all i care about are direction.

stick one, no issues!

stick two, not registering in retroarch (as noted above, it works in other emus and retroarch can see the key presses if i use joy2key on that stick).

but kill j2k, it’s not seen in retro. i have two players set in RA, i hav the correct stick selected for player two… directions not registering.

ok, so it’s a separate USB device, and you’re not trying to map it as a second stick or whatever, just as player 2.

If you’re not going to be swapping other controllers in/out, you might be best off just disabling autoconfiguration and doing a manual map. Aside from that, you need to select the stick you’re mapping in the device index for port 2, which can get a bit hairy if you have >1 device with the exact same name.

that’s what i’m trying, a manual map. the controllers are seen in windows (and in RA) as:

ultra stick # 1 ultra stick # 2

the sticky part is that it WAS working. i could play two player games and set up both sticks. but not anymore.

i may just try a clean install of windows at this point. i have tried a fresh i stal of RA but same behavior…

just got home, thought i’d give it a try again. now RA doesn’t even see the two sticks. yet they are working in every other app.

found the issue, seems my retroarch.cfg file got corrupted. deleting that and starting over worked.

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