Sega Dreamcast/Naomi (reicast) core crashing



I’m having a problem getting the Naomi game, Azumanga Puzzle Bobble to run on my Android phone. Everytime I try and load the .lst file, Retroarch stops and crashes. Here is a link to some pictures of what I have in my system/dc folder:

From top to bottom- 1st pic- is my basic system/dc 2nd and 3rd pics- are what is in my data folder 4th pic- are my roms or games 5th pic- this one is weird and I winder if this is the mistake. It goes, Naomi/Azumanga Daioh/Naomi/Azumanga Daioh. Then the files in the picture.

Also, I opened the .lst file in a text editor, and it had this written as a value: Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble “azumanga.bin”, 0x0000000, 0x05000000

The other .lst file, Dolphin Blue, starts up just fine and on my PC on Demul, Azumanga runs fine as well. Just not on my Android devices. I have also tried the reicast app instead of the core in retroarch.

Any help will be appreciated!


Lst not needed anymore with lastest core…just load .bin or .dat directly


I’ve tried loading the .bin file, but he screen freezes with this image:

Should I delete the .lst file? Are all my other files in the correct places?


I tried loading the.bin file, but that didn’t work either. The other game, Dolphin Blue loads fine with the .lst file for some reason. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Maybe it is the .lst value?


Using mame roms instead of bin/dat/lst is the new and prefered method, in some case it fixes issues.


Would a mame rom be a chd file? Because I have a zipped chd file for Azumanga as well. I do not know which Mame core to use or where to put the file of course as there are several core for Mame. Also, Mame4all/Mame4droid won’t run it.


I meant using mame roms with reicast.


I have the reicast app on my phone that I didn’t get from the Play store. It is the apk. How do I run roms with reicast? Whenever I open reicast it tells me to set a ho.e directory and I can never see the option to load anything.


This is the libretro forum, i don’t care about your standalone reicast app, afaik reicast standalone has severe issues with naomi games.


Well, I am using the reicast core in Retroarch. I just need to know which file to load (,, etc.) The .bin and .lst files cause retroarch to crash like I said before, and Dolphin Blue works fine. I just need to know what’s going on and where to put the files if that needs to be changed.


To run a mame rom, you need rom and sometime bios and/or chd. If you are unfamiliar with how mame roms work, i would recommend reading about romset and clrmamepro, there are hundreds of tutorial on internet. Reicast expect latest romset. In this case you need :

  • in the system/dc folder
  • (that’s the rom you launch)
  • a subfolder named azumanga containing your chd


I see. So, system/dc/, system/dc/, system/dc/azumanga/gd-0018.chd(for example)?


Yes, i wouldn’t recommend storing and its chd in the system folder though.