Sega Dreamcast/Naomi (Reicast) Emulation for Atomiswave

Hi Folks,

I want to use Retroarch in place of DeMul for Atomiswave Emulation and read that I can use the Naomi core to do just that. Ive loaded the core and have a ROM in .bin format (along with the associated .lst) to try it out. I have put the naomi_boot.bin file into the system/dc folder per instructions.

When I load the .bin and associated core Retroarch tells me it “failed to load content”.

Any ideas? Some help would be much appreciated as I am struggling to know where to troubleshoot with such an ambiguous error message.


I haven’t done it, but the info in these threads should be useful:

Yeah - I looked through mush of these and Im happy my .LST file is in good shape. My issue is that Im at a loss as to what else Retroarch is looking for…

So it turned out to be something to do with my installation - not sure what exactly as I keep it up to date. I re-downloaded Retroarch and re-installed and - hey presto - it started working without any problems.

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Don’t load the .bin, load the .lst

no support for Sega Dreamcast console in retroarch when it will be?

@Rico57 Imho, maybe you should avoid being both bossy and wrong in your first post.