Sega Naomi and Atomiswave roms

For use with lakka or Retroarch which format is most recommended for Sega Naomi and Atomiswave? Ive seen some with CHD’s, gd, .lst/bin, bin/cue when it comes to formats. Is there details or explanations on what format to use, why one is preferred over the other or what are the pro’s and cons of each? When it comes to rom sets for them there kinda hard to find outside of ones found in MAME sets. For instance I tried several formats of Sega Naomi roms and the only ones that worked for me was that in a .lst/bin combo.

If you use Flycast then the latest MAME *.zip of the NAOMI and ATOMISWAVE roms.
NAOMI GD-ROM needs the *.chd in a subfolder “/name of the rom/ *.chd”
Don’t forget that you need the “” and the “” BIOS in the “/system/dc/” folder.