Sega Naomi (Flycast) Guilty Gear XX Reload not working

Lakka OS 3.1 aarch64 for the RPi4 Core - Flycast

This rom gets a Error 02 message, which says “This Game is not Acceptable by main board”. The format of the rom is a .bin .lst. The contents of the rom folder is: Guilty_Gear_XX_Reload.lst and GuiltyGearXXReload.bin

Update 1- I have been able to go into the test settings and it see that some things work like the sound effects for the game and BGM’s. It appears in the rom board test as GuiltyGearXX#Reload2.0 Korea. When I did the rom board test it shows a huge list of bad results except for the first one which just has 4 dashes. So is it a bad rom, or region incompatability? Is there a bios for Korean rom’s? I do have other atomiswave roms of the same format that do work like king of the fighters neo wave.