Sega Naomi (reicast) not entry in service mode


Hey, guys, would anyone like to help me? With reicast, I can’t move in service modeI configured L3 and R3 but the Same name moves. I can get in precedence 1 when the game starts But I can’t move. Advice?


Enable the core option, those buttons are disabled by default, otherwise you would enter service mode anytime you press the button by mistake.


hello thanks a lot for the help, I finally managed to find it, I hadn’t looked in the quick menu of the core. I would like to ask you again it is possible to start the .zip files that you usually start with demul, instead of the .lst files Do I have to use a different core?


Yes, you can and it’s actually recommended, the lst format has been deprecated for some months in reicast. You’ll probably have to do the same for bios (the usage of the old naomi_boot.bin is deprecated too), a list of the bioses used by reicast is available at