Sega Saturn Core - Yaba Sanshiro - Retroarch Core


Please, could someone help me?

So I am trying to get Sega Saturn working on Retroarch and have so far managed to get the medafen core to work fine, however, I notice a Yaba Sanshiro core and for the life of me cannot get it to work?

Any ideas why this may be, just off the bat?

Thanks in advance

We’d need to see a verbose log to even guess, unfortunately.

I assume it’s not a bios issue if beetle-saturn is running (kronos & yabasanshiro fallback to beetle-saturn bioses), i see 3 possibilities :

  • Your video driver is vulkan or direct3d (GL cores need gl/glcore)
  • Your gpu is not compatible
  • Your iso is not compatible

How would I get that?

Is this likely then, every other emulator I have tried works? How would I know about the image file? (its Bin and Cue)

go to settings > user interface and set ‘show advanced options’ to ON. Then go to settings > logging and set ‘logging verbosity’ to DEBUG and ‘log to file’ to ON and it will create on inside your retroarch directory.