Sega Saturn games not detected anymore since last update


Since last update, can’t launch my saturn games anymore playlist appears empty tried to delete/regen by scanning the folder, but nothing changes

tried making the playlist by myself but

  • either it appears empty
  • either some items are displayed, but can’t launch (saying the file is not suported)

What format are your files in? Have you tried doing a manual scan? Can you load them directly via ‘load content’ (i.e., without a playlist involved)?

@Chico008 I think your saturn core may have been uninstalled, you should try reinstalling it via online updater -> core downloader…

Games are iso with img, sub and cdd file i load using the cdd file

core still here, updated yesterday, auto detect still not working, playlist stay empty

loading manually, some games work, some not anymore.

I don’t think the scanner likes anything but bin/cue and CHD.