Sega Saturn Games Won't Load

Every time I try and load Saturn Games I get a Message Saying “Failed to Load Last Disk”

I am using Beetle Saturn Core and on Windows 64 Bit RA

How can this be Fixed?

is it booting into the Saturn cd player? I was having similar issues and I found out it was all due to bad cue files. It was games I imported from an old drive and they had paths to the bin files in the cue. After editing them by removing the paths it worked. Also make sure your using the bios file if the core allows. If you need help with cue files let me know I can throw you some links that explain how to edit them properly.

Nope. The Core does not even load up.

I will Check the .cue File.

I got the game working on the Yabuse Core

I would say either incompatible bios or incompatible file format, yabause-based cores are more flexible about those.

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I have not had Problem before but you could be Right.

So I go and try and find a up to date Bios.

Though same Bios works fine on my Other Computer that I play games on but that does not have the Internet so that bit Weird

Just downloaded the Latest Update and the Problem has been fixed.

As Beetle Saturn Core Loads Fine Now

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