Sega Saturn Kronos: Missing text in Panzer Dragoon Saga!

I’m playing Panzer Dragoon Saga and noticed that when I go into the menu and try to read one of the games many text documents I can’t see the text at all. It’s like a layer is invisible or something. I tried all the settings in options switching openGL. Doe’s anyone know what is causing this?


Looks like a bug, a savefile to reproduce this would be welcome.

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Did you try Beetle Saturn and other Saturn Cores to see IF happens on them too?

I haven’t tried the other emulators but here are my save files from Kronos: The link is getting messed up just copy and paste the entire thing in the address bar… Dragoon Saga.srm Dragoon Saga.ldci

And my save state: Dragoon Saga.state2

I’m on disc 3.

Those files aren’t from Kronos, they are probably from yabause.

What about this. This file was in the Kronos folder It’s gotta be the saturn internal memory file from my M3U file: Dragoon Saga-ext512K.ram

Or this: Dragoon Saga (Disc 3 of 4) (NTSC)-ext512K.ram

Do these files work?

Yes, i opened an issue about it at

Note that your backup is usable in beetle/mednafen, you just need to copy that “Panzer Dragoon Saga-ext512K.ram” file to the root of your savefiles folder and rename it to “Panzer Dragoon Saga.bcr”

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Okay, thanks keep me posted. Hopefully someone can figure it out and update the Kronos Core…