Sega Saturn Kronos: Resolution past 480p distorting pixels (Help!)

Playing Panzer Dragoon Saga in Kronos and any resolution above 480p distorts the pixels on the characters faces. Like for instance one eye will be lower than the other or any black color around or under the eyes will be slightly blurred together. Anything in Kronos options to prevent this or is it just a consequence of upscaling to higher resolution with an older game?

If you aren’t using it already, you might want to switch to the OpenGL CS video renderer in core options, it’s more accurate but it also require a better gpu (hence why it’s not the default video renderer), it might or might not fix your issues. Otherwise, those old 3D games were never meant to be displayed at high resolution, and while some games might be mostly fine with it, some others won’t. PSX emulation has some nice feature called PGXP which helps with that, but that’s not a concept that can be applied to saturn emulation.


I saw OpenGL CS video in the Kronos options and am already using it…Thanks though.