Select button brings up "tooltip" information for menu entry

Hello all. Using Retroarch on Android with a physical controller.

My hotkey button is the select button. Pressing it along with “start” switches back and forth from the running content to the menu and the other way around.

Unfortunately though, “select” alone also brings up the informations for the active menu entry, and that’s a massive annoyance. I found no way to get rid of it despite spending literally an hour browsing menus and submenus; I must have missed it. My whole configuration file is here (couldn’t post it inline because of its size):

Thanks for any help in fixing this!

There is no way to get rid of it, I’m afraid.


Ouch. Good to know, I’ll choose a different hotkey button. Thanks. I wonder if this can be a feature to add, I might try to build the code in Android Studio and take a look if possible.

Thank you very much,

Yeah, de-hardcoding the help button and the search button would be great and are oft-requested.