Separate "hardcore" mode from retroachievements

I strongly feel like the “hardcore” mode (which I would actually only name “authentic mode”, simply forcing you to play the games the way they were meant to be played back then , and definitely not in a more hardcore way, just the original way…

…I would separate that from retroachievements, mainly for the same reason.

I think one should be able to have that authenticity back (no temptation to save states or rewind while in game…) without the achievements, that also weren’t there at the times. So no in-game pop-ups, nor whatever distraction.

Just the plain ol’ great games, emulated with RA greatness and greatest features, such as its shaders, but without any other bells and whistles that add to the experience but not necessarily always for the better for anyone.

If it were possible to make them all optional with a switch it’d be thrilling fantastic.

And now I’m heading to the donate page to tip something to you guys :smiley:

  • edit. I could not find a simple way to do a one-time donation, such as Paypal. I could only find subscriptions (which I am not willing to afford, sorry) or bitcoin, which I find inpractical. Did I miss it or isn’t there any?


it seems Patreon simply doesn’t offer one-time donations. But no worries, we appreciate the sentiment all the same!

Is there anything else that needs to be disabled for “authentic mode” beyond what hardcore mode disables (aside from the achievements themselves, of course)? That is, if someone were to add this, would they be able to piggyback off of the existing hardcore mode for everything or would we need to add additional disables?

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It looks like the idea makes some sense to you, that’d be nice :slight_smile:

Well, just decoupling the current hardcore mode from the achievements would be amazing.

But since you asked for it, :wink: well, I would disable everything altogether except for an hotkey that returns to the RA menu quitting the game, and a second one to reset the game itself.

After all, that’s what you could do with your consoles. Hit a button to reset the current game (out of frustration most of the times :rofl:) or turn it off to replace the cart or stop playing.

Wouldn’t you love to have those limitations back, and play just as you used to? I would :heart: :wink: