Setting/saving MAME 2000 controls, bug?


Has anyone had any luck with remapping MAME controls and saving them? I can remap controls all I want and it works great, until I “save game overrides”. At that point it just resets all of my control changes to default. This basically means you can’t have any game specific controls.

Is it just me or is everyone having that issue?

[Bounty] MAME 2000 cfg and nvram not saved

Controls for mame games are handled by mame directly.

Check out the mame 2003 core userguide on documentation

It should be kinda similar


I am using the standalone core on the Vita.

I don’t seem to find anything on how to reconfigure controls there. What am I missing? There is no way to get to MAME settings on the Vita port that I know of. If there is maybe someone could give a specific example on how to do it ? Maybe it isn’t implemented in the Vita port?

What I want is some sort of “tate mode” but I see no option for it.

Also games like Robotron and Missile command need remapping as they are unplayable with default controls.


Sorry i cant help more. Dont have a vita or experience with mame2000

Looks like the button is bound to R2 by default but vita doesnt have an r2 button.

As suggested in that issue. Navigate to your mame controls file which for other mame cores will be in “yourretroarch”/saves/mame/cfg/default.cfg

(Slight guess) Swap out the “UI Configure” button code for something eles to get you into the menu. Then change all the settings as required from the menu


Maybe that is the problem, there is no default.cfg in there. There are some game configs there (mspacman.cfg etc.) that were created when I changed settings and saved per game but no default.cfg.

How would I get that and does MAME 2000 Vita use it?


I have started a bounty for this issue: [Bounty] MAME 2000 cfg and nvram not saved