Setting up a new website


Hi All,

I have found it hard to get into emulation. Finding good information is difficult for me even with all the great people in forums.

So I realised I like figuring out the emulators and software more than I do playing the games (although I do still love reliving my younger days)

This is why I have setup my first website

Check it out, help out, correct me!. Im working hard to add some guides now. Starting with Nvidia Shield Tv/Retroarch/Hyperspin


Great work homie! I will definitely point my friends to this site that are just getting into emulation.


Ah cool man, thank you.

It needs a lot of work now, what with all the RetroArch changes.

I’m starting to think about updating it and may migrate to a cheaper host in March time.


The site is catchy and easy to read and that is def a plus!


Lol we are screenname relations :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments. Still busy doing other things to push the site along. Hope to redo the site in a couple of months


Good luck bro and don’t forget to share when all is set and done.