Settings>Video>Video Filters

I’m using Wii RetroArch v1.6.0 on a Nintendo Wii that does not have Gamecube controller ports. I am running it on a Sandisk Cruzer Glide USB stick.

Applying Video Filters to a game using Snes9x 2005 Plus (the only core I’ve found that will run late-era SNES games without stuttering, though I could be wrong) has caused me a whole host of problems. I can’t get this right. What am I doing wrong?

There also don’t seem to be any options for Video Shaders. Must I stare at a scanline-less SNES image all day?

General information welcome.

Ahem, anyone with this problem probably needs the Overlay system explained to them.

Shout out to Godlance at GBATemp for his 2014 thread at GBATemp that clued me in.

Shaders don’t work on Wii. Its GPU straight-up doesn’t support them.