Shader append/prepend in Android?

In the Windows version of Retroarch there’s a feature to append/prepend shaders with each other and I love it. It seems this option is missing from the Android version. Is there a way to get this, or is it planned to be added? I couldn’t find anything on it myself.

edit: On a side note, is there another, maybe more complex, way of combining shaders? I’ve tried just manually entering it to match my Windows PC but when I apply them it removes the added shader items.

I have it on mine and it’s Android 9.0 running on a Fire Cube v2., RA git 1581ece. I know that’s no help but just thought you’d like to know it is supposed to be there.

When manually adding shader passes, for some reason you have to do it twice before it sticks, at least that’s my experience. Also, not every shader combination is valid.

You’re probably using the Play Store version, which Google won’t let us update. I recommend sideloading our official apk downloaded from our website.

I am indeed using the play store version. I will do that, thank you. Should I uninstall the version already there? Or can I just install over top?

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should be able to install over the top, AFAIK