Shaders don't work in Beetle PSX (HW)

Hey guys, anybody able to use shaders in Beetle PSX? I am running Retroarch on Linux Mint 18.3 and my other cores (Gambatte, Snes9x, PicoDrive, ScummVM) have no problems using shaders.

However, when I run a PS1 game in Beetle PSX, it looks like it is not using any shader at all. When I check the shaders options, I see that the settings from the 6xbrz preset (my default) are set. Screenshot here!


When I try to load another shader, the system ignores my choice and the 6xBRZ settings stay unchanged (same as screenshot above).

What am I overlooking?

Cg shaders don’t work with libretro-gl cores, like beetle-psx-hw. If you’re using that core’s GL renderer, switch to the GLSL shaders instead. Note: increasing the internal resolution messes with a lot of shaders. If you’re using to using xBR, check out the xBR-3D shaders, which compensate for the resolution changes (choose the variant that matches your IR multiplier).

Awesome, thanks! This is really helpful. I will start experimenting right away :slight_smile: