Share installing retroarch on raspbian pi 4 with image Raspberry Pi OS

struggling for at least 3-4 days, i finally overcome most difficulties and finish setting up the retroarch in my pi 4 with Raspberry Pi OS

I am here to share tips on installation and just make a post to record what i have done (so that i can recall myself later on)

Problems I met Q1:Successfully installed, can launch the retroarch but can’t core update. A: nano edit the retroarch.cfg in ~/.config , search for a line say core update and input a correct url Detail, please read this link

Q2:Sucessfully installed, can launch but ugly layout (missing image, pixelated text). A: should be the assets problem, update the assets. (Read next Question if you pressed update assets but no response)

Q3: Can not update coreinfo , assets and other things. I see it can download it, after the 100%, i can’t see the “Extract …” A: Change the directory of those thing into the home directory, so that the retroarch can read and write on that directory.

Q4: I uninstall the old retroarch 1.7.7 and want to instal 1.9.0, i compile it and make, then make install. When i launch it with command “retroarch”, I face an error said “failed to add service - already in use” A: I uninstall it again will the --purge during uninstallation, then i follow the guide on the internet to install 1.9.0 , everythings work fine.

Q5: How do i get the core? A: either by the “Update core” in the retroarch menu, or git clone from the github for some special emulator, but i tried , the flycast , dolphin and the PS2 seems not working for me (I would like someone teach me to do that)

Q6: I am playing but after 10-15 mins, a black screen comes out. A: should be the sleep mode or some screensaver problem. I just installed a xscreensaver , quote “Once installed, go to Preferences option in the main desktop menu. You should find the screen saver application. Launch it and search for the option to disable it completely.”

More details, check this link

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i further post more guide on the internet as a reply teach you how to compile N64 , PSX without error

the command look like git clone cd mupen64plus-libretro-nx platform=rpi4 make -j4

another example to make/compile a core

these user use some parameter/ options