Sharing playlists between different devices

Hey, I’m setting up RetroArch on both Win10 and a Nvidia Shield. I was already able to configure syncing for saverames (via Syncthing), next step would be to be able to somehow share playlists, because its a pain to have to rescan everything on another devices. Also, some playlists were manually built (for example PS1, to include only cue files). So I was wondering if there is some way to share playlists between different devices with different OSes. Main issues are the following:

  • different path syntax: on windows a playlist contains something like “C:\roms\”, on unix/android “/roms/”. Is there a common syntax usable in both builds?
  • relative path: still related to previous issue, on windows i have my roms in “c:\roms\etc”, on the shield I use a mounted folder (/storage/myserver/roms/etc)

I was thinking about some kind of “path substition” like in Kodi, where you can replace a substring in a path with another string before opening the file… Is something like this available in retroarch?

Sorry about the long rant!


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