Shield TV 59.940 or 60hz?

Hi i was wondering what option on the shield i should be picking, the way i usually run the setup with shield set to 59.940 then in Retroarch turn off threaded video and let it run through the 2048 samples on estimated screen framerate it then finds 59.941hz as the number and i set that as vertical refresh rate, basically is this what i should be doing ? or setting the shield to 60hz and enabling threaded video ?

hopefully some advanced shield users here can tell me what they have setup ? plus any other settings i should be enabling/disabling would be great,


You generally want to turn threaded video off no matter what you do. Whether you set it to ~59.95 or 60, RetroArch should sync to it fine and then speed up / slow down your content by a small amount to make it match either one.

ok cheers hunterk, so on a clean install should i click to update the vertical refresh rate after the samples or should i just leave the vertical refresh at 60 as default and disable threaded video ?

Either one should be fine. If vsync is on, it should sync to the monitor refresh anyway, so I would just leave it at 60. If you get stutters, come back and do the refresh rate thing. Turn off threaded video either way.

Thanks dude, i’ve just set the shield to 60hz and disabled threaded video on retroarch without updating refresh rate, all seems to be smooth scrolling

I have a 75 inch lg oled hdr and dolby vidion ready 4k and 4.2.2 hd colorspace support. And was using the only mode in the default video mode list that suported 4k dolby vision and hdr10 wich was. 59.something hrz. But after seeing a guide on redit about optimal video config i manually selected a 4k 60hrz dv abd hdr but with 4.2.2 colorspace support and set my tv in game mode and disiable all enacing or modifing picture, i already have the standar user mode with the theorically best calibrated setings an most artificial enacing picture or oversaturated color etc… Teorically correctly tuned. And it looked amazin but when in hdr mode the colors were not onlly more progresive and with more bit depth the were way beterer loking and not taking avout saturated or uncalibratedlly high brithnes sharpness or any dumb eyecandy store display mode bullshit. But i asumed that that colosrs and picture cuality where only ataniable with hdr content and was the more bith depth and or the dinamic metadata calibration of dolby vision wich make it look so good. But i already notice that when in pip mode of vlc when playing hdr10 or dolby vision content the colors of the shield iu whwre awesome but tryed hdr “fake” mode on my oled an inmediatly seems like store mode that seem to looke better only to the dumb untrained eye. But with this tweeks by the shiel tv subreditt guide and with the tv in game mode an all video options set no tonauto or low but to off and enabling hd 422 colorspace plus all the tweeks in the shiel no my scre even the ui its just amazing i did no though my tv or any other one below 5000 buck vouldbhave beter color an deeper black an so high range of contrast and brightness. Alo another option mentioned in the guide thatbi have already teeked to on isbmatch content color space and auto swich from rec. 2020 and rec. 709. The only thing i did dont tryed thatbwas sugested in the intalation of an app thatblets you swich from hrz and cofigure ech app to a specific sugested hrz/fps cuz i never cared so much about frqme/hrz exactitude, i don think i can notice a non integer contet display hrz/fps conversion also my tv the only cuting edge video feature that does not suport is variable/dinamic hrz since its 2 years old and thst feture wasnt publised as part of the hdmi standar until a year ago, also never tryied the beta feature of shield tv experience called match frame rate. But sin most content are 60 or 30fps and especially at least the cores i use in retroarch works at 60 fps should be beter and more acurate now at 60hrz than at 59.something. i strongly recomend you to teewk your shield and tv se tu ings acording to that reddit gide, im amazed how colors and how beter pichure quality i have now. I thought that standar mode should be the bes for acurate color and best picture cuality and thst game mode was trading picture cuality to onlly focus in les lag but turns out its the opisite at leas when your shield and tv option are in sinc.

If you’re talking about the LG C8 then game mode isn’t accurate at all because it locks the color gamut to ‘wide’ meaning that it’s pushing all the primaries out to as wide as the panel can produce rather than Rec.709. Unfortunately, without calibrating game mode with Calman or the like you can’t have an accurate game mode on that TV (I own one and have spent hours calibrating it).

Also, for non-hdr gaming on the Shield why not set the output to Rec.709 8bit 444? That way there’s no chroma subsampling happening.

I think it switches betwen rec 2020 and 709 matching the content. I have a C7 series one. It also suport 4:0:0 and 4:4:4 besides 4:2:2. But im not sure what color gamut is, but maybe its true that is pushed to wide. All content seems like hdr. But as oposite to incresing saturatio/color like in store mode with this config colors seem beter, specially in retroarch, wiouth any deterremt in picture cuality at all. Ist not like increading saturation/gamma or store mode. Maybe its not calibrated for image edditing and its not as acurate to original content, but i like it way better this way. But sometimes specially on youtube the color seem the same so it seems to swich to rec. 709 if explitity rec 709 its on the metadata of the vid playing. This increse in color impresiveness i onlly sure happens in retroarch and the nvidia UI (wolf ATV launcher mod) in anny way i havent seen any tradeoff in contrast brightnes or anything innpicture cuality. Im not so concern about acuarancy than geting the best picture quality posible even if the original content didn,t have that picture cuality. So for me this seem like the best settings. Anyway i will try to research the topic and be vigilant if anthings loos worse thsn before. But as i said im not using my tv for image/video edditing or any tast that requires image precision calibration, so if have better colors that it should i dont see the problem. If i did not understand your point (im just discovering about this modes) ornany of my argumentation/thoughts about tye isua are wring, please feel free to school my ass, im here to learn.