Shield TV remote no longer works

Shield TV remote always worked before the last couple updates now it doesn’t. It detects it but none of the buttons work. Anyone know how to fix it?

Can you identify when it broke? That is, does reverting to an earlier RetroArch version restore the functionality?

It stopped working on the first RetroArch 1.7.8 (before the couple of GIT updates on Google Play store). It detects it but none of the buttons work. Speaking of which my USB SNES controller also had to be completely remapped to work correctly with this update, so it might be a related button mapping issue. I even tried a clean install and downloaded controller profiles with Online Updater. Remote still won’t work after all that other than just being detected when the app opens.

This is on my Nvidia Shield TV running the latest Android 9.0 update. If there was an easy way to submit my controller profile to the RetroArch team I would do it to help others.

edit: I’m wondering if it’s related to this post: New gamepad autoconf process

As I recall, the remote has to be handled in a specific, hardcoded way. There were some input changes a while back, though, and the remote stuff may need to be updated to match.

That must be it then. That’s about the time my USB SNES controller stopped binding the correct keys and I had to do all the binds manually. There should be a way to submit the bind profiles to the RetroArch team so they could be integrated into the controller profile file.