Should the scoped storage problem be fixed now?

It’s been months since the arrival of the dreaded scoped storage on Android 11 which broke every emulator. Should it be working now? I’ve tried both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Retroarch on my Shield and when I try to search for games in /storage both still give me nothing. (I used to see my flash drives there)

Not really. We have a workaround in place to navigate removable storage but no proper scoped storage support (hence the lack of updates on the Play Store, since SS support is now mandatory).

What’s the work around?

I’ve noticed in a few other emulators (ePSXe for example) some sort of stock Android file browser being added which can see external storage. Although bizarrely it needs a mouse to work properly, even on Android TV.

I don’t know, I haven’t used it. However, you should be able to register RetroArch as a “storage provider” or something like that with filebrowsers. I think there’s supposed to be some way to make them show up in the available directories along with ‘downloads’ etc.

I updated a couple of months ago to android 11 but i recently found users with usb storage. There is a work around involves to edit the config file to point the usb storage path. ( i can show you some links of this if you need)

I recently have problems with games running too fast on the shield… on arcade , saturn , dreamcast etc maybe this shield experience upgrade broke retroarch :S