Silent Hill freezes/flickers indefinitely in one cutscene


Every time I go into Balken Church the graphics go absolutely haywire and increasingly corrupt-looking. The game itself stops working except to play the background music (dialogue doesn’t play at all except for one line, and subtitles do not appear). Here are some screenshots:

The only reason I think it’s NOT corrupt is that it’s been completely fine up to this point and I’ve played it just fine on another emulator (although I did compress it for backup on an external HD and transferred it to this PC; I don’t know how likely it is that that would corrupt it along the way.

Here’s are my PC specs:

And some screenshots of my Retroarch settings for Silent Hill:

Please let me know if there’s other info that would be helpful to post. I’m a noob who doesn’t know any better. :sweat:


Can you try it with another dump? Also, can you post a savefile from right before the freak-out?


Try to disable “Widescreen mode hack” before you enter the church


@hunterk I’m not entirely sure what you mean by another dump, but if you’re asking if I can re-extract the .bin and .cue files from an iso file, unfortunately I never saved the iso as a backup. :pensive: I did create a save state for you right in front of the church though: [link]

@Noal That worked actually. :open_mouth: I’d rather not have to disable that if I can help it, but if all else fails I can live with it. Thank you for pointing that out–I forgot I had even turned it on.