Sinden Lightgun LCD compatible Lightgun

I have kept my eyes on this project for quite some time now. The developer/author/programmer postet a topic about his project on the RetroPie-forum’s a while ago and i have since then followed his blog post with childish excitement.

The kickstarter launched yesterday if you are interested.

Whew, that’s spendy! All of the videos look very good, though, so I hope it goes well for him.

I’ve been wondering how much support these have for retroarch. I’ve been keeping an eye on this since it seems like the only good option for many of us using non crt tvs.

Sinden Light Gun link -

They’re just seen as mice by RA so they work fine.

I have 2 Aimtrak guns that work in RA flawlessly and Aimtraks are seen as mice as well so…

This is not the only option. You also have Gun4Ir,161189.0.html