Slang shaders produce a black screen with D3D11

As I understand it, slang shaders are supposed to work with D3D11. Furthermore, they are the only shaders that become available for me when I select D3D11 as the video driver. However, using the dolphin core, whenever I load a slang shader preset, the screen becomes black, and the game can be heard running in the background.

Is there a setting I might have overlooked or is it just a matter of luck whether my drivers might work with this combination?

I am using an AMD RX 5700 with the latest drivers, and the shaders work perfectly fine with vulkan.

They should work fine with d3d11 and any other core, but dolphin core is a bit weird and just blackscreens with d3d11+slang shaders.

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Thanks for the info. That saves me from blindly fiddling with settings further.

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