Slow N64 games


I tried, however I didn’t see some of the voices you wrote. I got the issue, you are using Mupen64 but I am only available Paralleln64, I have to check out why I can’t download Mupen64.

However I would like to use a shader but, geez, with any shaders the fps drop down to 0.

I read in many places this board was more than capable to handle flawlessly N64 emulation “out of the box” but isn’t true; and emulating at 320x240 isn’t emulate, because it can’t even emulate the original resolution.

I am quite disappointed.


Did you expect any better from a Rock64?


Actually I did.

I did some researches and read many positive comments, I also tested a PI3 with Recalbox and the emulation was pretty decent. Rock64 should be quite better than the PI3: better clock speed, more ram and better GPU, so I was convinced to obtain a decent emulation.

Eventually I got a decent emulation changing the gfx from auto to Glide64 @ 320x240.


N64 Emulation on my ROCK64 is really only acceptable in the lowest possible resolution. Has ANYONE gotten the larger resolutions to perform well yet? If so, how?


I messaged a guy on the Rock64 forums who tested the board this exact way. He said that his emulation was stellar at the default settings, though I don’t know how. He also did mention trying to run retroarch through the android tv download, but I couldn’t get that to work well either. It seems as though it varies from board to board.


I bought a second board and will try again from the beginning once I get the rest of the hardware


To be fair, all my testing has been with Linux. I really don’t want to migrate to Android.

And I think out of the box the resolution is set to be lowest 320.


sorry to bump, I have the same board and having the same problems with lakka, but tried RetroX under android and Mario Kart 64 was flawlessly running at full speed. so the problem is not clearly hardware.


I am actually doing this project again as a personal emulation system, and will definitely look into retrox. If I can get good emulation with little hassle, I’m happy


I have a dell gaming series laptop with an i5 7300hq and a 1050ti graphics card. yesterday i was running super smash bros at above 60fps at 720p with Parallel, and now today its running at about 10fps. i may have messed with some settings before bed, but ive tried changing that stuff again today with no results. what could i change that may make a significant difference?


Just as a follow up… I ended up successfully getting everything to work by compiling everything myself. Took some work but I ported Recalbox to the rock64. Newest details here: