Slow N64 games


My N64 games are running very slow, at around 30 fps average. I’m running the latest lakka on a Rock64 which should handle these games fine. I’ve tried both of the default emulators, which are mupen64 and parallel64. Is this a problem with Vsync?


You can try disabling vsync (spacebar is the default toggle key for it) and see if it speeds up >60 fps. If not, that means it’s not running full speed and vsync drops it down to 30 fps.


Ok I will try that. Thanks


Disabling Vsync shows minor improvement, I get about 30 when disabled and 20 when enabled.


At 30, Mario kart 64 runs ok I guess. There is some audio distortion and stuttering. I also noticed the fps isn’t constant, it speeds up and slows down randomly.


I have tried everything I could think of. I even messed with the core settings for a few hours to try and see if some combination would work better. I read on this post that the GLupeN64 core runs better on a raspberry pi 3: GLupeN64 on newest Lakka build, how to improve performance with CRT shader?. Could this core also improve performance on my Rock64? I guess there is only one way to find out: by trying it. I will post my results.


hello controls do not work in nintendo 64 help please


You’re not giving me much to work with here. Which core, which platform/OS, are you using a physical gamepad or a touchscreen overlay? Do the controls work in other cores?


the controls serve in game boy in retroarch pc keyboard but not in nintendo 64


The analog stick doesn’t have a default keyboard mapping, so you will have to go into settings > input > p1 input binds and pick some keys to assign to the left analog stick.


Ok I think I’m making headway with the slow game problem. I found a nifty post on the libretro site . This talks about angrylion’s new capabilities within the paralleln64 core. It has sped up the games significantly, and I now get 43 frames on Super Smash Bros instead of below 30. Now I just have to fix the crackling audio.


These paralleln64 settings do not work with all games. Mario kart 64 ran at 10 fps with these settings. I did find a solution that allows Mario kart 64 to run flawlessly on my low end Rock64 though. I used the mupen64plus core, and modified to settings to have the best performance.

CPU Core: dynamic_recompiler ESP Mode: HLE 4:3 Resolution: 320x240 Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Bilinear Filtering mode: standard Framebuffer Emulation: false Color Buffer to RDRAM: Async Depth buffer to RDRAM: software Hardware per-pixel lighting: true Continuous texrect coords: off Native res. 2d texrects: false Less accurate blending mode: true GPU shader depth write: false Cache GPU Shaders: false Crop mode: off Texture filter: none Texture enhancement: none Filter background textures: true Use high res textures: false Use high res full alpha channel: false

All other settings are default. I will apply these to other games to see if it improves them as well.


Sorry about the spacing in the previous post, my phone incorrectly formatted the entry


This combination of settings works on numerous games. I’ve had success with Zelda mehoras mask, Zelda ocarina of time, super smash bros, Mario kart 64, all the Mario party games, Mario golf, and Mario tennis, although there are some textures errors with Mario tennis.


Thanks for this! I am sure other users will find it useful too.


helpful thread. nintendo 64 is aweosme


Yeah N64 emulation is slow in general, but emulators optimize each game individually which result in not so accurate emulation.
Angrylion is kind of the equivalent to bsnes which emulates the hardware itself and is much more compatible than project64 or other high level emulation plugins and therefor much slower. As of now, it is still worth buying a hardware N64.


I had faced same issue


Hi guys,

unfortunately the thread is not very clear.

I am struggling to have a decent emulation with N64 on Rock64, so far I saw the only thing that worked is to decrease the resolution to 320x240 but it is pretty ugly.

Any suggestion to have a good balance performance/graphic?



With the settings I posted, the only games that had performance or graphics issues were Mario Tennis and Conkers (which is not surprising). A couple others had minor audio crackling, though that was present no matter what I did to fix it.